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Stephen Perkins and Mendy Winkler are committed to creating hospitality settings that are distillations of their place. Avoiding the literal use of local imagery, they prefer the abstractions that capture the essence of a place in the materials, design, lighting and furnishings, and, of course, the art and artifacts.

HotelStudio offers design opportunities to clients who believe that place matters and who own or manage properties that are special and memorable by their place, their setting, their social and civil importance or their potential for operating in unique market positions. Hotels and resorts serve as the living rooms of communities and are valued beyond any traditional role as hospitality.




It is no accident that we are wired to cherish memories of places where we have lived, played, celebrated, worked or mourned. In many respects, it is what makes all of us human and binds us across cultures and geography.

As we travel to visit places we enjoy, work or play, hotels and resorts serve as our anchor in that place and act as the translators for where we are, what is offered and as settings for memories that will encourage our return, sometimes to take a place in that

hotel or resort so that we may more deeply connect with that place.

HotelStudio’s design approach, as led by partners Stephen Perkins and Mendy Winkler, is centered on creating a deeper connection between the guest and the place as embodied in the hotel or resort. We are confident that these connections create more powerful memories and bonds between the guest and the property, and that those bonds have value.

We have been designing hotels and resorts for decades and have produced, with our clients, dozens upon dozens of restored and new destinations that are important to the places that they serve and that perform well for their owners. For projects small and large, modern and traditional, modest, and luxurious, we have enjoyed professional relationships with clients that are similarly moved to create places and understand the value of that relationship with their guests.

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