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About twenty years ago a shift in influence occurred in hospitality design:  the individual style of residential design became an outsized source of inspiration for hospitality designers and architects.  Broadly accessible on a growing web, hospitality designers embraced the unique tastes of creators in the design of their own homes.  The potential for individualizing hospitality experience, particularly based on the place of its occurrence, moved hotels from rigid multiples of the same design to a freer expression that has been enthusiastically embraced.  Over time, this symbiotic relationship between residential and hospitality design has grown and the divide between home life and hotel life has disappeared.


With years of successful experience in the design of hotels and private homes, we established HomeStudio to apply our deep knowledge to the design of private homes and estates, multi-residential developments, and resort-serviced residential.  Our current work includes large private residences and estates for whom we are both the architects and the interior designers.


As with our approach to hospitality design, we work with our private residential clients to create a unique expression of their lives through their stories, memories, and the collected expressions of their tastes and aspirations.


Storied lives are powerful design drivers!

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