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HotelStudio provides luxury hotel interior design and luxury resort interior design services to owners and operators of branded and independent hotels and resorts.  Our designers and architects enjoy deep experience in creating the story, vision, program, concept and critical operational planning for legendary settings and service.

Decades of successful hotel and resort design engagements are testimony to our ability to work early, closely and creatively with our clients and operating partners.   Our desire for continuous learning encourages cooperative, yet informal, relationships with brands, operators, capital sources, vendors, manufacturers and other designers to assure that we bring unique approaches to our clients’ projects and pay close attention to budget and schedule with an awareness of challenges that can arise throughout the life of the project. 

With deep experience designing luxury hotels and luxury resorts, we have come to believe that the curiosity that people enjoy in a leisure hospitality experience is, by definition, about the place that the hotel or resort inhabits.  That is why we are so keen to distill local and regional stories into design approaches, motifs, details and narratives that reward the guest’s curiosity. 

HotelStudio’s professional members are interior designers and architects, project managers and renderers with deep experience in hospitality-driven design whether as hotels and resorts but also as related assets such as serviced residential, beachfront amenities, waterparks and golf courses, and a wide array of food and beverage, spa and wellness.

So many of our hotels and resorts are on “World’s Best” lists.  We believe that the popularity of these legendary hotels and resorts is driven by an alchemy that has in equal parts beautiful locations, visionary developers, owners and operators and the professionals of HotelStudio that provide luxury hotel interior design and luxury resort interior design services.

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